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French onion soup
with cognac and cheese croutons
dkk. 79,00

Creme Ninon –Cold Green Pea Soup with cream and crémant
Pulled lamb, spearmint, sprouts, croutons and blue radishes

 dkk  128,00


Cured salmon with mustard dressing and bread,
carved at the table - served twice
dkk. 155,00
Three kinds of herring
with curry salad, egg and capers
dkk. 120,00
Shrimp cocktail
with crisp lettuce, asparagus, trout roe and tomato dressing
dkk. 108,00

Roasted gurnard
browned beurre blanc, Cucumber, fresh onion, hazelnuts and cress

dkk. 158,00
Terrine of foie gras
with apple-lime compote, frissé and toast brioche
dkk. 175,00
Escargots "Burgundy" in garlic
6 pieces
dkk. 113,00
Escargots "Burgundy" in garlic
12 pieces
dkk. 165,00

Main Courses

Butter-fried plaice from Kerteminde "Anglaise"
with stuffing of Norway lobster, spinach and fennel,
sauce beurre blanc and potatoes
dkk. 250,00
Fried turbot in crispy breadcrums, cauliflower with truffel, spinach
Herb créme
dkk. 338,00
Wiener schnitzel of veal
with vegetables, pommes sauté and veal sauce
dkk. 245,00

Fillet of free range pork from Funen and crispy herb crunch
Potatoes from Funen, buttered carrots, cauliflower cream and mangetout
Red wine sauce with citrus

dkk. 258,00
Roasted rack of lamb carved by the table - crispy lamb crepiné,
with herbs, apples and grain mustard. Vegetables and lambsauce
dkk. 285,00
Fillet of beef
with vegetables, potatoes and béarnaise sauce
dkk. 265,00
Flambée pepper steak of sirloin
(min. 2 persons)
vegetables and Madagascar - peppersauce
dkk. 312,00
"Tournedos Rossini"
with fried foie gras, crôutons, vegetables, potatoes and truffle sauce
dkk. 348,00
Vegan maincourse:
Arancini with artischoke and mushrooms fried with hazelnuts
Beluga lenses with spinac and truffeloil. Romescosauce
dkk. 225,00
Flambée pepper steak of tenderloin
(min. 2 persons)
vegetables and Madagascar - peppersauce
dkk. 348,00
Tournedos Rossini” with fried foiegras,
and croutons, vegetables, potatoes and truffelsauce
dkk 348,00

Cheese & Desserts

Danish blue cheese
with cognac, butter fried rye bread, onion and pickled nuts
dkk. 95,00

Chesse plate with 4 kinds of chesse
served with pickled nuts and olives

dkk. 118,00

Danish farmhouse cheese, Green olives with herbs and rye fries

dkk  128,00
Warm pancakes
with home-made vanilla ice-cream and fruit
dkk. 85,00
Creme brûlée
with home-made sorbet of berries 
dkk. 118,00
Chocolate cake
with vanilla ice cream, sorbet of berries, syrup of berries and fresh fruit
dkk. 139,00

Watermelon sorbet with ginger, Buttermilk cream and sweet Danish biscuit
Funen strawberries, wood sorrel and strawberry tuile

dkk  128,00
Crépes suzette (min. 2 persons)
orange flambéed panckaes with home-made vanilla ice-cream
dkk. 160,00
Irish Coffee dkk. 95,00

The kitchen is open daily from 11 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Sunday until 9 p.m.

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