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May menu

Monday - thursday from 11.00 – 21.30
Friday and saterday from 11.00 -22.00

Sunday from 11.00 - 21.00


Roasted witch fish with rye in English breading

white asparagus from Funen, ramson hollandaise

Small croutons


Cold smoked venison, baked rhubarb

watercress, herb cream and crisp brick


 Rump of veal marinated in wheat beer in its own sauce,

green asparagus from Funen, truffle perfumed cauliflower,

peas and new salt baked potatoes


Gratinated goat cheese, crisp salad, French virgin walnut oil,

vanilla pickled sultana raisins and roasted walnuts


 Elderflower mousse and strawberry sorbet

Strawberries, chocolate sticks and crumble


2 courses                3 courses               4 courses                 5 courses
 Kr. 298,00                Kr. 385,00              Kr. 428,00                Kr. 449,00


We reccomendt the following wines: 

1 glas Crémant with homemade sirup dkr. 80,00

2016 Villa Huesgen, By the Glass Riesling, Mosel

Per botle dkr.365,00 - ½ botle. dKr195.,00– per glas dkr.80,00

2015 Château De Fesles, Cabernet Franc, Loire

per botle dkr.375,00 - per ½ bötle. dKr200.,00– per glas dkr.90,00

2015 Voület, Antichi Giochi Piemontesi

per botle dkr.500,00– per glas dkr85,00

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