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Lunch a la carte


Lunch a la carte

Danish open sandwiches

Cured salmon
with mustard sauce, carved at the table - served twice
dkk. 155,00
Smoked salmon
with smoked cheese creme, malt crunch and sorrel
dkk. 110,00
Egg with shrimps
and home-made mayonnaise
dkk. 85,00
Three kinds of herring
with curry salad, egg and capers
dkk. 125,00
Smoked eel with scrambled eggs
Tomato and chives


Roasted pork
With homemade red cabbage and prune in Port Wine
dkk 75,00
Roastbeef from Kildegården cattle
with sauce remoulade, roasted onion rings and horseradish
dkk. 88,00
With raw egg yolk, onion, capers and fresh horseradish
dkk. 145,00
Beef - tatar Mixed by the waiter
served with salad, dressing and toast
dkk. 155,00
 A very ripe old cheese
Dark rum, onion and dijon mustard
dkk. 95,00
Danish blue cheese  
with cognac, onion, marinated nuts and butter roasted rye bread
dkk. 95,00 

Butter fried camembert
With blackcurrant jam, fresh fruit and toast

dkk.  98,00 

Danish warm open sandwiches

Fillet of plaice fried in butter 
with lemon and sauce remoulade
dkk. 95,00
Poached and fried fillets of plaice
With smoked salmon, scrimps and asparagus
dkk. 169,00
Home-made liver paté
with bacon and roasted mushrooms
dkk. 90,00
Fried minced beef on toast
with onion, capers, beetroot, horseradish and raw egg yolk
dkk. 162,00
Danish flat omelette

with fried bacon, homemade mustard, tomato and ryebread

dkk. 150,00

Classic Danish lunch


The Inn platter:
Cured salmon, two kinds of herring, butter fried fillet of plaice, pork tenderloin steak
Onion sauté, cheese and grapes

dkk. 269,00

The Inn repast: (only by ordering for min. 2 persons)
Pickled herring, marinated herring and curry salad, scrimps,
Smoked eel with scrambled eggs, cured salmon, butterfried filet of plaice with
sauce remoulade, small steak of beef with cucumber salad, cheese dish

 dkk. 440,00



French onionsoup
with cheese crôutons
dkk. 80,00
Shrimp cocktail
with asparagus, crisp lettuce, trout roe and tomato dressing
dkk. 115,00

Main Course

Wiener schnitzel of veal
with vegetables, pommes sauté and veal sauce
dkk. 265,00

Fillet of beef
with vegetables, potatoes and red wine sauce

dkk. 265,00
Butter-fried filet of plaice
with stuffing of Norway lobster, spinach and fennel,
sauce beurre blanc and potatoes
dkk. 265,00


Warm pancakes
with home-made vanilla ice-cream and fruit
dkk. 90,00

Chokolatecake with salty caramelicecream, orangesorbet
Fresh fruit and crispy caramel

dkk. 105,00

Chesse plate
With 4 kinds of chesse served with pickled nuts and olives

dkk 118,00
Irish Coffee dkk. 95,00

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